On-site amenities include two conference centers, banking center, restaurant, fitness studio, and overnight courier drop boxes (FedEx and UPS). The property also features in-building parking, with more than 640 subterranean spaces as well as two visitor surface lots.

Banking Services

Texas Capital Bank
1st Floor Lobby - Suite 150

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Food and Beverage Services

Forthright Cafe - San Jacinto Center - Suite 170

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday Brunch 8:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday Brunch 9:00am – 3:00pm

Located in the southwest corner of the 1st Floor lobby, Forthright is a cafe making simple things, prepared well, using straightforward ingredients.


Fareground - One Eleven Plaza

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 9:00am – 10:00pm

Located in the southwest corner of Cesar Chavez at Congress Avenue.

Health and Fitness

The Fitness Studio
San Jacinto Center, 1st Floor Lobby

Being a complete office complex means more than providing office space. The Fitness Studio at San Jacinto Center is a full-service fitness center, offering a wide range of services and amenities.  It is centrally located in the heart of the downtown business district, at the corner of Brazos and Cesar Chavez.  Here are just a few of the things our members enjoy at The Fitness Studio at San Jacinto Center:

  1. Personal key fob access during hours of operation
  2. Full line of upper and lower body resistance equipment, including free weights
  3. Variety of cardiovascular equipment
  4. Certified Personal Trainers
  5. Clean, non-competitive and professional atmosphere
  6. Full amenity locker rooms
  7. 24-hour security
  8. Located just across the street from Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail

For additional information, please call 512.279.2170. 

Fitness Studio members have access to efficiently designed men's and women's locker rooms equipped with day lockers, showers, and towel services.

Members enjoy complimentary fitness assessments and weight room orientations to the fitness studio.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 5:00am - 9:00pm

Fitness Center Rules and Regulations -

  • Only San Jacinto Center tenants are allowed in the Fitness Studio. Please do not bring children, friends or others that are not San Jacinto Center customers or that are not authorized users in accordance with this agreement to the Fitness Studio.
  • A building access fob is required in order to be admitted into the Fitness Studio. A Release and Indemnification Form must be submitted by every individual who wishes to use the fitness studio prior to utilizing it the first time. Access FOBs will not be programmed for the Fitness Studio use until the Release and Indemnification Form is electronically submitted. Sharing of access FOBs for admittance is not permitted.
  • Hours of operation are from 5:00am - 9:00pm Monday through Friday. No one is allowed in the Fitness Studio when the facility is closed.
  • Appropriate attire, including shirts and athletic shoes, must be worn while using the facilities. NO jeans and NO open-toe shoes are allowed (except floor exercises and yoga). Shower shoes are recommended in restrooms and showers.
  • Owner and property management are not responsible for personal belongings including lost or stolen items. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Items left in lockers overnight will be removed.
  • Do not use any equipment unless you are knowledgeable about how to use it properly. Utilize spotters/locks when necessary (e.g., overhead lifts, squats, bench presses, platform or Olympic lifts).
  • Observe Fitness Studio etiquette and demonstrate courtesy toward others in the facility at all times. Management personnel have authority over all room conduct and use of equipment, including sound and video systems.
  • Horseplay, loud or offensive language; or other inappropriate behavior will be not tolerated.
  • No alcohol, drugs and/or banned substances are allowed in the Fitness Studio.
  • Equipment may not be reserved. Please limit your time on aerobic equipment to twenty minutes when the Fitness Studio is full or if someone is waiting for a particular piece of equipment.
  • Show respect for equipment and facilities at all times. Do not drop or throw weights. Please return all machines/weights back to their proper position/location after using them.
  • Towels are available to use when working out on equipment. All equipment must be wiped down when you are finished.
  • No tobacco products, food, chewing gum, glass bottles or cans are allowed. Water bottles are acceptable.
  • Injuries and defective equipment are to be reported to the management office immediately.

Link to Fitness Studio Waiver


Meeting Facilities

San Jacinto Center Conference Center
The San Jacinto Center Conference Room and catering kitchen located in Suite 525 (adjacent to the Property Management Office) is available for customer use, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. The room must be reserved in advance. 

Link to Conference Center Rules & Regulations



Parking is available in the two surface lots or three-level garage below the building.

Visitor/Surface Lots
One-hour parking is available on both East/ San Jacinto Boulevard and West/ Brazos Street entrances for visitors only. Towing is strictly enforced by San Jacinto Center Security.

Reserved Garage Parking
An initial allotment of garage parking spaces will be assigned in accordance with the number of spaces provided in your lease agreement. Reserved Parking access is provided by using your vehicle’s TxTag.

Visitors Garage Parking
Visitors may park in any unreserved space.

Tow Away Zones
Please observe No Parking, Handicapped Parking, and Reserved Parking signs as well as the parking rules and regulations. We will tow away any vehicles found in violation of the parking rules.

Garage Management
REEF Parking manages the San Jacinto Center Parking Garage. REEF Parking is located on Level 2 in the garage at One Eleven Congress and can be contacted at 512.320.7004 and

Parking Rules and Regulations of the San Jacinto Center Garage
The following rules and regulations apply to all tenants and occupants of the building as well as all other individuals using the garage.

  1. Traffic Signs - Drivers are required to observe posted traffic signs (speed limit, one way traffic, overhead clearance, stop signs, traffic lanes, reserved parking, no parking, stripes separating parking spaces, disabled spaces, etc.). The speed limit in the garage is 5 mph.

  2. Parking Spaces - Vehicles must park in a designated parking space, and may not occupy more than one of them, park over the painted line, or protrude into traffic. Spaces with parking restrictions (reserved, compact vehicles, disabled persons, and 30 minute limit) are clearly labeled and must be observed.

  3. Contract Parking - The parking garage uses Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) to access the garage for monthly/ contract parking. If persons with monthly parking contracts do not already have a TxTag, they will be issued a generic RFID tag. Generic RFID tags are assigned to individuals and are not transferable to other persons. Lost, stolen or defective tags should be reported immediately.

  4. Flat Tires - All vehicle owners and all persons parking in the garage or parking areas shall be responsible for promptly repairing flat tires or other conditions of the vehicle which cause unsightliness in the judgement of the Operator.

  5. Non-Contract Parking - Persons without a parking contract may park in the garage by pulling a daily parking ticket. Parking rates are posted at the entrance gate and payment is made at the exit gate. Lost tickets will be charges the full daily rate.

  6. No Smoking - Smoking is not permitted in the garage, stairwells, elevators or elevator lobbies.

  7. Elevators - Persons should use the elevators, which are located on the northwest side on each level, to enter or exit the garage.

  8. Overnight Parking - Overnight Parking is not permitted unless approved in advance by Building Management.

  9. Parking Enforcement - Improperly parked vehicles are subject to reminder tickets and warning stickers. Vehicles that violate parking rules and regulations may be towed or booted.

  10. Bike Racks - Bicycle parking in the garage is only permitted at the bike rack located near the garage entrance. The bike rack is for daily usage by building tenants and visitors, and is not intended for overnight parking or storage. Building Management will remove abandoned bikes or bike locks.

  11. Safety - No skateboarding, roller blading or biking is allowed in the garage.

  12. Liability - Building Management and Garage Operator are not liable for any vehicle damage or loss. Parkers assume all liability for their person, their vehicle, and its content while in the garage. Parkers are advised to lock their vehicle and to take their valuables.

Building Management and Garage Operator reserve the right to modify garage rules or make operational changes as needed.